When you’re evaluating a new piece of application equipment that costs several hundred thousand dollars, tires might be the last thing you think about. But with the new Trelleborg VF1050/50R32 TM3000 Spreader Tire, you might start giving tires more consideration.

“We saw a gap in the industry that we believed we could fill,” says Andrea Masella, country manager for North American Trelleborg Wheel Systems, Spartanburg, S.C.

The new tire offers the benefits of VF construction and a D-rated load index (65 km/h; 40 mph). Compared to standard options in the market, the VF construction allows the machine to carry up to 40 percent more load at the same pressure; or, you can inflate the tire with up to 40 percent less pressure while carrying the same load. The tire can carry a total of 29,100 lbs at a psi of 52.

“This is a wide tire with a rounded shoulder (which reduces stress on the casing), progressive traction and a dual-lug design,” Masella says.

The result is a tire that rides well and, at the same time, wears well. With reasonable care, Marsella says the tire will give solid performance for up to 5,000 hours. The final number depends somewhat on how many of those hours are spent on the road versus in the field.

Masella says Trelleborg is moving into the spreader business and will introduce additional tire sizes this year to support that category.

More information is available at www.trelleborg.com/wheels.