Made in the U.S.A., SpotOn Paper includes (25) 2”x3” pieces or (50) 1”x3” pieces ($21 list price for either quantity).

The paper can provide a low-cost way to measure spray coverage.

“Our SpotOn Paper is great for seeing how effectively a sprayer is covering the leaf,” says Bill Hughes, President of Innoquest. “Efficient spray coverage is critical to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides – without it, they will not be as effective with results, and that ultimately affects a grower’s yield. SpotOn Paper is also an economical alternative to other similar products on the market.”

SpotOn Paper allows users to quickly and easily see spray coverage, droplet size and uniformity, as well as any off-target applications.
Custom sizes are also available (call for pricing). For more details or to find a distributor, call 1 (800) 637-1623 or visit