The John Deere Connect Mobile App allows farmers to monitor, adjust and analyze their planter and sprayer operator in real-time, including row-by-row and nozzle-by-nozzle.

Real-time data is reported as a machine passes in the field for farmers to manage and adjust their machine’s performance.

For customers who previously used SeedStar Mobile, the data stored on their iPad will migrate to Connect Mobile after the new app is installed.

In John Deere 4 Series Sprayers, operators can view as-applied rates, rate deviation, spray pressure, and ground speed. In addition, Connect Mobile delivers high-definition documentation for ExactApply Nozzle Control, and provides real-time visibility to estimated droplet size information.

Data is saved on an iPad, and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. The Connect Mobile interface is the same from machine to machine, so it makes it easier for farmers to analyze the data. The company intends to add other operations to Connect Mobile, including harvesting, which allows for multiple passes across the field to be overlaid.

Hardware is factory-installed. John Deere Connect Mobile is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Subscriptions in 2017 are free.