Proagrica introduced an ADAPT plug-in which enables traditionally disparate software systems to share data seamlessly, ensuring farmers and their advisors have the information they need to perform their operations more efficiently. 

Proagrica’s plug-in follows the recently released Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit (ADAPT) from AgGateway, a non-profit consortium of businesses serving the agriculture industry, with a mission to promote, enable and expand e-business in agriculture. Proagrica have been a long standing and active member bringing to bear their global expertise in decision support within the agriculture sector.

“This plug-in is aimed to simplify integration with the machinery sector and it builds upon our expertise integrating more than 40 current types of machinery ”, Nick Evans, Managing Director at F4F, part of Proagrica, “we believe that this along with our combination of industry agnostic data sources will be the catalyst for the development of many decision support tools which will have the ability to create opportunity for all farmers, suppliers and processors to increase efficiency and productivity to meet the growing challenges faced by the industry”.

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