With first-hand experience across its service territory, Crop Quest Inc., launches WaterMeterLog.com as a tool to help irrigators better manage water allocations.

 “Irrigation water is a valuable resource that should be used wisely,” says Dwight Koops, President of Crop Quest Inc.  “It’s important to know where you stand throughout the cropping season; and even more critical as you approach the end of an allocation when pumping decision are made.”

Crop Quest Inc. is reportedly the largest independent crop consulting company in the US and spans the Great Plains—from Wyoming to Texas.

Keeping track of meter readings can be burdensome.

“Papers seem to get shuffled around and lost. Calculations a re tedious, especially with meters reading in different units. Sometimes only part of the information makes it back to the office; and the list goes on,” Koops says. “This tool keeps it all together and does the calculations for you.”

The team at Crop Quest has focused on making it easy for a grower or the irrigation team to collect and share meter readings. WaterMeterLog.com allows an irrigation team to see at a glance how much of each allocation remains.

“The ability to share select meters allows a grower to work more closely with trusted advisors like a Crop Quest consultant,” says Dwight.  “Keeping those advisors in the loop means better recommendations and more informed decisions. WaterMeterLog is a tool we feel helps us provide better service to our clients.”

Reporting tools can generate a PDF report with pertinent information related to present allocations, meter details, and readings.

Complementary subscriptions are available at the Enterprise subscription level for any farmer with a crop service contract at Crop Quest.