The new Kuhn Krause CCX 9000 Cover Crop Seeder pairs with the Excelerator vertical tillage system to provide one-pass cover crop seeding and tillage.

The CCX 9000 is controlled with the Quantron S2 in-cab controller. The system is capable of application rates from 1 to 385 pounds per acre and the Quantron 52 can save seeding settings for future seasons. The system’s calibration process that only takes minutes.

The electrically driven metering unit can handle a wide range of seeds and application rates using an electronic speed signal from the tractor to ensure application rates remain constant. Adjust seed depth by simply angling the seed distributor plates toward the Star Wheels (deep) or toward the reel (shallow).  The adjustment is made easily without wrenches.

The CCX 9000 is available for 14- to 25-foot Excelerator 8000 models or 11- to 25-foot Excelerator 8005 models.