IntelinAir’s Ag-MRI Intelligence System can integrate with the John Deere Operations Center through John Deere’s API services. IntelinAir’s Ag-MRI (Measurable & Reliable Intelligence) Intelligence System provides aerial imagery analytics. And when combined with a John Deere machine’s Operations Center, it can be layered with in-field data to deliver a comprehensive health analysis for their fields.

IntelinAir is an aerial imagery analytics company that uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to recognize complex patterns and variants and alert farmers of potential production issues throughout the growing season.

“Just as a medical MRI uses high-precision imagery to detect issues in the human body, IntelinAir’s Ag-MRI Intelligence System can pinpoint trouble spots and give farmers guidance on what to prioritize in their fields,” said Al Eisaian, Chairman & CEO and of IntelinAir. “We’re excited that farmers will be able to seamlessly integrate their operational data with our Ag-MRI Intelligence System through the Operations Center. They will be able to turn their vast data assets into actionable information that allows them to improve their productivity and generate significantly more profits.”

The IntelinAir Ag-MRI Intelligence System has been in extensive testing and validation phase over thousands of acres of farms this past season with our core initial customers and will be available to growers for the upcoming 2017 growing season.

“By combining high resolution aerial imagery analytics, advanced agronomic sciences, and proprietary algorithms derived from computer vision and deep learning methods, we provide a detailed and actionable picture of what is happening in a farm field throughout the growing season,” said Eisaian.