Hagie is officially taking orders for a limited production build of the STS16 for the 2017 calendar year.

The 2017 STS16 is powered by a 375 hp 9.0 liter John Deere engine under a newly styled hood. The John Deere Power Systems engine features a 413 HP power bulge.

Maximum uptime is provided by a 1600 gallon spray capacity, 150 gallon fuel tank and 10 gallon DEF tank. Tending time can be further reduced with optional Direct Injection Kits with 55 gallon increments. The carefully engineered solution system will accurately control flow through a wide range of speeds and carrier rates ranging from 50+ gallons per acre work throughout the pre-season to ten gallon per acre post-season applications. The fuel tank and conveniently located fuel ladder, allows ground access to quickly fuel the machine and boost uptime.

The largest applicator in the STS product portfolio is equipped with new wheel hubs, generating a 15% increase in torque to the ground for peak machine performance in even the most adverse field conditions.

Additionally, the repositioned rear engine hood creates additional clearance for the cooling package for unsurpassed engine performance, while improved styling concepts add storage for enhanced operator convenience.

The sprayer features 76” of under-frame clearance in a lightweight and balanced design, widening the application window to perform timely and precise full-season applications. Application equipment users maximize efficiencies with front mounted boom visibility from the spacious application-specific cab, designed specifically with operator safety and ergonomics in mind. Experience minimal crop damage with the narrow leg design and crop package, while enhanced capability for various tire options and attachment capability makes the STS a one machine solution for every application need.