GVM AgriWave is a cloud-based total management solution designed to help users yield greater profitability in their operation. The all-in-one system allows users to manage entire farm or client operations including historic field and machine data, fertility management programs, nutrient analysis data as well as post-harvest data and assessment. Through careful management of assets and data, AgriWave will help users to improve their operational efficiencies, make better decisions before, during, and after the growth cycle, use fewer inputs, and ultimately generate more revenue per machine/man, and provide a higher level of service to their customers.

The cloud-based system offers advanced precision ag management in a an intuitive, simple-to-use package, that can be easily tailored to suit the needs of any user or organization.

AgriWave will allow dealers and co-ops to provide their customers with a full suite of precision ag applications including management, analysis, recording, and reporting. Bringing all data and analysis capabilities into a common platform adds simplicity to management and will allow users to make decisions with more accuracy in a shorter period of time.

AgriWave includes easy-to-use, online management where users can manage profiles, assets, and work orders, as well as create zones, variable rate planting maps, and applications maps in a single system. The built-in records module allows users to easily create field actions or events, closely manage the actions or events with telematics, and generate reports. It’s advanced reporting capabilities include analysis by season, cost summaries for equipment, products, and personnel, detailed action summaries, break-even analysis, and income reporting.

Advanced AgriWave modules include: Soil Fertility Analysis, Mobile Scouter, and Mobile Explorer.

The Soil Fertility Analysis module integrates with top analytical soil labs for a seamless transfer of information. The tools within this module allow users to create soil fertility analysis plans, yield nutrient removal analysis as well as variable rate plans via field management zones. Additional tools allow for planting and variety analysis, as-applied data reporting, as well as multi-year normalization, multi-variable data comparison, and imagery analysis.

Mobile Scouter allows users to create detailed observations and recommendations that incorporate GPS location, field data layers, and pre-populated product, pest, and crop databases. Wireless, field-to-office, integration makes reporting and utilization of the Mobile Scouter module quick and easy.

The Mobile Explorer module allows users to increase the speed of the soil sampling process, seamlessly integrating with soil labs, lab equations, and customer equations. Users can also connect their collected samples with soil labs, update job status levels from the field, and get ‘to the field’ navigation assistance.

Third-party integration with back-office systems, imagery software, lab partners, field equipment and terminals as well as other precision ag software expands AgriWave’s functionality and allows users to manage their entire operation on a single platform.         

For more information, log on to: http://www.gvminc.com/ag-division/agriwave