John Deere’s ExactApply intelligent nozzle control system on its 4 Series sprayers will give applicators greater accuracy in all field shapes and sizes, even when turning.

Starting with 2018 models, this technology provides sprayer operators full variable-rate and shut-off functionality at the nozzle level (every 15" to 20"), which is an improvement over sprayers equipped with John Deere Section Control. John Deere’s Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) system offers three times the pulsing frequency of traditional PWM systems on a variety of nozzles.This allows the sprayer to run at a consistent pressure and droplet size, regardless of the sprayer speed and application flow rate. Applicators can switch spraying between two preselected nozzles with the push of a button inside the cab. This increases the range of application to achieve consistent droplet size and reduces the number of nozzles needed. Applicators can automatically vary the rate across the entire boom. LED lighting on each nozzle improves spray pattern visibility.

ExactApply is integrated with the GreenStar 630 Display and SprayStar. It is compatible with all boom sizes equipped with stainless steel plumbing.