The AEF ISOBUS Database now has additional ways to search for products and conduct a compatibility check.

Until today users could only search by manufacturer, and then brand, but now they can now also start by choosing a product category and, in the next step, a functionality they would like the product to support. (For example, a precision drill supporting TC-BAS.) The database will then only show those manufacturers offering products that match the criteria.

Another new option to check the compatibility of products is to start directly by selecting functionality. This will take the user to a list of corresponding categories to choose from, i.e. all categories containing products that support this exact functionality. Again, another click will only show manufacturers with products matching the criteria. An example here could be manufacturers selling pull type sprayers that support the functionality TC-SC.

This search functionality can help dealers and precision ag specialists assist farmers in their purchase and use of equipment.

Users are required to register, which provides free access to the database.