Ten Ton Spreader From Dalton Ag Products

The row crop series of Mobility spreaders from Dalton Ag now has a 10-ton model in the lineup.

All Mobility models have a hopper constructed of 409 stainless steel for longer life. These spreaders have a VRT-ready option for precision farming operations. The twin PTO-driven or tractor hydraulic spinners adjust to 40’, 50’ or 60’ spread pattern. A retractable roll tarp is standard on all models. The spreaders have a 44” ground clearance under the spinners and 37” under the frame. Dalton Ag Mobility spreaders have a 24-month limited warranty. Learn more


New Leader’s NL5000 with G5 Technology Delivers Precision Placement

New Leader, a division of Highway Equipment Company (HECO), introduced the NL5000 G5 to provide precision placement across 16 section swath control. The patent pending G5 technology also gives operators the ability to adjust spreading swath width.

The G5 dynamically and simultaneously adjusts the spinner assembly left/right and fore/aft to give the operator a highly responsive and reliable method to apply the right amount of nutrients in the right place. This gives increased accuracy for point rows, when finishing a field with less than a full swath, and running half width swaths. These features mean less overlap, and increased precision. Learn more


Salford Expands BBI MagnaSpread Mounted Spreaders

Salford Group expands its line of mounted fertilizer spreaders designed for self-propelled chassis’ and trucks with the BBI MagnaSpread line. Salford acquired BBI Spreaders in October 2014.

BBI MagnaSpread equipment is the company’s premiere hydraulic spinner spreader models designed for precision application on a wide array of farm sizes and types. MagnaSpread mounted units will have near universal compatibility so that they may be paired with high clearance sprayer chassis, floater spreader chassis and agricultural trucks. Learn more