Syngenta announced the discovery of newly identified water-optimizing corn genes. These genes will be deployed in select Agrisure Artesian hybrids available for planting in 2017.

Following the introduction of Artesian hybrids in 2012, Syngenta scientists have continued to study how corn plants respond to water stress at the gene level — research that contributed to the identification and validation of these newly identified genes offered in the latest corn hybrids from Agrisure Artesian.

“The development of Artesian hybrids with these additional genes signifies our continued commitment to help growers across the Corn Belt make the most of their available water,” said Duane Martin, Ph.D., Syngenta product lead, commercial traits.

Built for season-long water optimization, Artesian hybrids perform in a variety of soil types and climates, helping improve yield stability and consistency on virtually any acre. Growers will be able to better manage the unpredictability of weather and optimize the conversion of available water to grain with access to these latest corn hybrids.

“During the past several growing seasons, we observed how Artesian hybrids maximized yield in favorable conditions and increased yield when water was limited — and we are excited to offer growers more options for the 2017 growing season,” said Dirk Benson, head, seed product development. “These advanced hybrids contain even more native genes for consistent, dependable performance in all weather conditions.”

Artesian corn hybrids are available from Golden Harvest Corn and NK Corn and through licensing agreements with independent seed companies.

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