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John Deere has new nutrient applicator  

09/30/2013 1:00:57 PM

Brittney Guidarelli, product marketing manager secondary tillage and nutrient application, gave specifications of the 2510L... Watch Video.

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Marcus Construction emphasis on safety 

09/30/2013 11:08:19 AM

Bill Strack, regional business development for Marcus Construction, talks about the safety emphasis put together... Watch Video.

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Two new John Deere sprayers 

09/30/2013 11:06:56 AM

Steve Junge, senior project engineer, John Deere sprayers, talks about the new John Deere sprayers... Watch Video.

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KBH brings large line-up to MAGIE 

09/30/2013 10:24:31 AM

Paul Jones, representative of KBH agricultural equipment, pointed out aspects of the large line-up of... Watch Video.

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Hagie makes upgrades to sprayer and toolbar 

09/30/2013 10:23:09 AM

Darrell Steiner, western regional sales manager for Hagie Manufacturing, during MAGIE talked about the company... Watch Video.

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2015 model year TG9300B TerraGator at MAGIE 

09/30/2013 10:20:10 AM

Joe Krause, sales and marketing specialist for AGCO applicators, explains the features of the 2015... Watch Video.

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AGCO introduced the small RoGator RG700 

09/30/2013 10:18:53 AM

Craig Miller, sales and marketing specialist for AGCO RoGator applicators, explains how the new RG700... Watch Video.

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Mid-State Tank Co. has strong business 

09/27/2013 2:49:13 PM

Thomas Pajak, sales manager for agricultural accounts with Mid-State Tank Co., Inc., talks about the... Watch Video.

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New Leader is quality, performance and service  

09/25/2013 11:29:17 AM

Craig Fenstermaker, New Leader product manager with Highway Equipment Company, explains the emphasis that the... Watch Video.

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New zinc for foliar application 

09/23/2013 10:35:15 AM

A Wolf Trax formulation of zinc that easily dissolves in water or liquid fertilizer has been tested... Watch Video.

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Safety in pulling equipment out of mud 

09/20/2013 1:41:19 PM

Fred Whitford, Ph.D., coordinator of pesticide programs for Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, spoke at... Watch Video.

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New phosphorus powder product 

09/18/2013 10:14:39 AM

Mark Goodwin, director of research and development for Wolf Trax, announced the phosphorus-based product that... Watch Video.

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