Question: What kind of goals has your company set for sales and for providing service and support to your customers?

Jeff Thompson

Ames, Iowa

Vice President,
Sales & Marketing,    Calcium Products

A: “Looking at the time period 2011 to finishing up our 2016 fiscal year, sales are up. That’s something we are proud of. As we look to 2017, we anticipate a pretty good sales increase again. Hiring more sales reps to build better relationships with customers and distributors, educating them on our products and showing them what makes our products different have really done well for us. This year, we’re completing the expansion of a new production line at our Fort Dodge, Iowa, facility, and we’ve doubled our warehouse capacity there. We have more plans for expansion.”


Meg Yargus

Marshall, Ill.

National Accounts Director, Yargus Manufacturing Inc.

A: “New products being introduced such as our Stairway to Heaven and designs for six-legged towers versus four-legged towers both help secure a better and safer way to maintain facilities. We have a regional core team approach to sales. Working throughout the project with that same team is a way that the customer feels that a real person is servicing them throughout the project. Partnering with Ag Growth International gives us more global opportunity for products. Given the current market conditions, we can maintain our targeted goals for 2017 and continue to grow.”


Tim Tenhet

Clarksdale, Miss.

Sales Manager,
KBH Equipment

A: “Our farmer-targeted products are still seeing a downturn in sales more so than products for the dealer market. Dealers still have to have equipment to put out their products to make money, so that market has held up better. And dealers’ attitudes are improving. Everyone’s margins have been squeezed, and we all have become leaner, tougher and smarter in order to survive. Being nimble with a variety of products and a wide geographical footprint always allows a silver lining in some part of the market. We focus on the bigger national market, and also react to market conditions as they ebb and flow.”