Question: What agronomic recommendations, advice or insights are you offering to retailers for 2017? 

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Mark Schmitt

Haubstadt, Ind.

Area Team Leader, Beck’s Hybrids

A: “To help us to get the right hybrids placed on the right acres for maximum performance, we use Proven Field Research. We called it PFR, and it shows the products and different practices with an ROI over three years in multiple locations. During these tough times, we have to watch how farmers spend their money. We’re there to help customers succeed. In some cases, we are involved to help recommend planting populations, make sure equipment is set correctly and use the right practices in applying the right products. All of that is key to make sure we are doing everything we can.”


David Rolli

DeKalb, Ill.

Regional Manager, CCA, Wyffels Hybrids

A: “We try to provide a lot of information that farmers can use from our internal studies that are hybrid- and soil type-specific on plant populations. There are a lot of farmers that use a specific hybrid on a portion of the field, and some growers change population many times throughout the field. The biggest thing we can look at is the maximum economic yield or maximum yield. There are growers that are shooting for maximum yield and manage their input costs in other ways while others just want to look at their maximum economic populations when they plant, so it kind of depends on the grower.”


Aaron Benton

Rockport, Ind.

District Manager, Corn Specialist, AgriGold

A: “As we work with guys on precision planting and variable-rate technologies, our goal is to come up with a good seed plan to make sure we get the right product on the right acre. In addition, we are working with our farmers to make sure that they are getting every bushel they can on every acre because, in these tough times, farmers have to gain more bushels on every acre to survive. Later in the season, we encourage them to monitor their fields and apply a fungicide if needed to protect against rust and gray leaf spot as that proved to be a huge economic benefit to yields last year.”