While tough times are underway in agriculture, many members of the industry are addressing them head on with the use of new management practices and products. Both were featured in abundance during the 2017 Commodity Classic last month in San Antonio.

Total attendance was 9,303 for the event, which is billed as America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show. Growers represented 4,102 of that total. Among the throng were also 920 first-time attendees. 

The trade show featured 425 participating companies, including 83 first-time participants. Exhibitors filled 2,266 booth spaces and represented a wide range of technology, innovation, equipment, products and industry services.

“Education is a hallmark of Commodity Classic, and this year’s lineup was no exception,” says Ed Erickson Jr., a North Dakota farmer and event co-chair. “

Farmers seek information, ideas and innovation that can give them an edge, and this is the place to find it.”

Here is a sampling of only a few of the new products and services that manufacturers showcased for Commodity Classic attendees. 


High-Speed, Low-Disturbance Coulter

A new high-speed, low-disturbance (HSLD) coulter option is now available for the Case IH Nutri-Placer 930 fertilizer applicator. Capable of speeds up to 11 mph, the company says operators can cover 510 acres in a 12-hour day for increased productivity, lower tractor hours and reduced fuel consumption. The 22.6'' single coulter features a 4-degree blade angle that opens a precise slot for accurate nutrient placement. According to Dave Long, Case IH pull-type fertilizer applicators marketing manager, extensive field tests prove the toolbar’s increased efficiency is matched with superior agronomic performance. He says test results show that the new coulter provides better residue cover, significantly fewer clods and reduced lateral soil movement compared with other coulter-style applicators available in the marketplace.

Fully Integrated Platform

The FarmCommand next-generation, fully integrated platform provides retailers and growers with easy access to crop, weather, equipment, soil and other valuable agronomic data all in a single location, according to Jay Kinnaird, Farmers Edge product manager.

As part of the platform, Farmers Edge is introducing its new Corn Manager management system. It combines nitrogen management, high-frequency satellite imagery and accurate crop staging into one easy-to-use tool. Kinnaird says Corn Manager will be available as an optional feature within FarmCommand.


Biological Benefits

Midwestern BioAg introduces a new manufacturing process that transforms dairy manure into a uniform, dry fertilizer granule that can be efficiently stored, transported and spread.

Referred to as TerraNu Nutrient Technology, the process infuses essential crop nutrients into a manure base, which gives more farms access to the biological benefits of manure.


Seed Treatments

Nufarm Americas introduces new Spirato products, Sativa IMF Sembolite MAX and Salient 372 FS. Spirato features three seed treatment premixes: Spirato M 185 FS with fungicides fludioxonil and metalaxyl; Spirato MTm 285 FS with fludioxonil and metalaxyl plus thiophanate-methyl; and Spirato IMTm 348 FS with fludioxonil, metalaxyl and thiophanate-methyl fungicides plus an insecticide.


New Fungicide AI

Bixafen is a new fungicide active ingredient that FMC Agricultural Solutions plans to introduce in 2018, notes Kaustubh Borah, FMC segment leader. Bixafen is a pyrazole carboxamide fungicide that belongs to a new generation of succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHI). Bixafen will be used in corn, soybeans, cereals, canola, peanuts and potatoes in the U.S. and, in some instances, Canada. The fungicide addresses a wide range of fungal diseases.

Along with bixafen, FMC showcased its new Temitry LFR Insecticide/Fungicide: Powerful protection and Farm Faster 3RIVE 3D in-
furrow application system.


Revolutionizing Dry Nutrient Applications

Ag Leader Technology Inc. and New Leader, a division of Highway Equipment Co., are championing responsible nutrient applications with  the NL5000 G5 Crop Nutrient Applicator. The patent-pending G5 technology provides 16-section swath-width control, which allows for more exact placement of fertilizer, says Cory Venable, New Leader director of marketing.



Small, Stable and Nimble in the Field

GVM Inc. introduces one of the newest members of its equipment family, the Mako 400HC. The sprayer is designed for farmers and applicators with small fields or small jobs.

The Mako, named after one of the most prized, aggressive and intelligent predators, is a long-awaited answer to the hole in the equipment market created by the elimination of the SpraCoupe.

The Mako is the smallest self-propelled sprayer in the marketplace. Stable and nimble, the Mako features a 400-gallon product tank, multiple boom options, 46'' of crop clearance, a light footprint and a tight turning radius. It is simple enough for first-time applicators yet smart enough for pros, notes GVM.


Herbicide Tackles Weed Resistance

Vandal Moc is a multi-mode of action herbicide designed to address glyphosate-resistant weeds in soybeans, according to Will Scott, Innvictis technical services and market development manager. The herbicide is a combination of sulfentrazone plus metolachlor. It can be preplant-incorporated or used in a pre-emergence application to control a broad spectrum of grass and broadleaf weeds. It offers a flexible application window and a 45- to 60-day residual.