Agrible Inc. and The Equity are giving their customers tools to make the best decisions for their farming operations. These tools add value to retail and grower operations by giving all involved the best agronomic insights through industry-leading software. Just as The Equity started with a group of forward-thinking growers, so did Agrible. As Agrible creates new, easy-to-use technology, The Equity continues to invest in new technologies that will help customers.

“Agrible has been the partner we’ve been looking for. They’re the ones who are giving our customers, our growers, a concise and clean decision making tool. Tools like Morning Farm Report are the tools of the future,” says Natasha Lilly, information services director at The Equity.

Agrible is a team of growers, agronomists, atmospheric scientists and developers who build world-class tools in the heart of the heartland. Headquartered in Champaign, Ill., it’s only a few steps from the farm gate to their office doors.

The Equity had a vision to offer a comprehensive, high-management agronomy system. Agrible helped The Equity develop what is now GoSmart Analytics. By signing up for GoSmart Analytics, growers get updated weather and yield forecasts, and they have the ability to benchmark yield results with other GoSmart customers. Growers also get a Morning Farm Report account with access to agronomic forecasts and indications on pest pressure, nutrient availability and much more.

“Partnering with The Equity was a natural fit,” says Chris Harbourt, Agrible’s CEO. “It gives growers and their trusted advisers the best tools for the best decisions. Companies like The Equity who are forward-thinking about investing in their customers like this are able to give their customers an edge.”

“We use the nutrient tool to help back us (The Equity) on whether or not we are making the right recommendation to the farmer,” says Greg Taylor, northern regional sales manager at The Equity.

The GoSmart Analytics technology contains valuable features like Nutrient Engine, which gives the grower an overview of the kind of nutrient availability that’s present in each field. A grower can then work with The Equity to make sure that he or she applies the right amount of fertilizer to a specific field. Fine-tuning a nutrient management program can result in larger economic returns, and it can also provide positive sustainability benefits.

The Equity is also investing in its customers by purchasing the Agronomist Drone Bundle from Agrible. An unlocked Morning Farm Report account and purchased Agrible drone give customers a bird’s-eye view of their operations. The Equity can fly 80 acres for its customers in about 25 minutes. Real-time images are accessible with no Wi-Fi, so growers can make field-side decisions on the spot. A customer can then access these images inside his or her Morning Farm Report account. This makes it an even more powerful tool for taking action as needed.   

Agrible’s tools help agronomists by giving an overall look at customers’ farms to make sure they are taken care of and have the resources they need to make decisions. As part of the Agronomist Drone Bundle, they can use the Pocket Drone Control app to integrate this information into their Morning Farm Report account so they can see everything for their operations in one spot.

Agrible is proud to partner with The Equity to help alleviate growers’ daily concerns by giving them the best agronomic insights to help them make proactive, not reactive, decisions for their farming operations. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with the Agrible team, check out the website at