H.J. Baker has launched their “Keep Your Future Green – Use Tiger This Fall and Win Big” campaign. The campaign highlights the benefits of applying Sulphur in the fall for maximizing crop yields.

As latest research indicates that plant Sulphur nutrition and its unique interaction with other nutrients can improve crop yields. Applied in the fall, Tiger Sulphur enhances nutrient use efficiency and potential crop response. Inclusion of Tiger Sulphur products in nutrient management program enhances crop utilization of other plant nutrients and promotes positive environmental stewardship. Tiger Sulphur’s Acid Forming Technology assists in release of valuable nutrients tied up in soil to optimize the yields. The campaign will focus on educating growers about benefits of Sulphur application by offering a free educational webinar highlighting how “Sulphur enhances plant nutrient use efficiency”.

Don Cherry, president of H.J. Baker’s Crop performance Group said:  “Increasingly growers are seeing the benefits of applying Tiger Sulphur in the fall. We learn more everyday about the processes that make it so effective, but crops have shown the benefits through better yields for decades. Of course, applying Tiger Sulphur in the fall also avoids potential spring weather delays and stretches fertilizer dollars by optimizing soil nutrient potential.”

To promote the campaign, Tiger-Sul is sponsoring the “Use Tiger This Fall and Win Big” sweepstakes for a chance to win a Precision Drone Scout Direct Kit.  Increased use of UAVs is the next major trend in precision agriculture. Tiger-Sul being the leading ag innovator, wants its customers to experience this new technology, so when they apply Tiger Micronutrients, Tiger 90CR and Tiger XP, the leading cutting edge products from Tiger-Sul, in their fall application and scout their fields in spring where they will discover fewer nutrient deficiencies and “see” more green in spring crops. Entry forms are available at: www.tigersul-winbig.com. Deadline to enter is December 31, 2015.

H.J. Baker has been a global manufacturer and supplier of agricultural goods and services for 165 years. H.J. Baker has built relationships that last decades, and continues to invest in innovative products, the environment and the community.  The company’s strategically located processing plants, offices and warehouses create a super-efficient pipeline for the vital commodities and products that it sources, manufactures and markets. H.J. Baker is headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, U.S.

Tiger-Sul Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. Tiger-Sul Products is a global leader in Sulphur Bentonite, Sulphur Bentonite Micronutrients technology, and other well-established products with more than 40 years of operational excellence.