More than half of the country’s top corn-producing states are reporting corn harvest progress, but many have fallen behind their pace from 2014.

According to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report, 5 percent of the country’s corn has been harvested, compared to 4 percent last year and the five-year average of 9 percent. In addition to the southern states, corn harvest has now reached as far north as Illinois (6 percent), Indiana (1 percent) and Nebraska (1 percent).

Compared to their own five-year average, however, each of the states reporting harvest corn is behind. Tennessee is the furthest behind its five-year-average at 17 percent.

Corn conditions were unchanged for another week with 10 percent of corn in poor or very poor condition.

Soybeans: Conditions dip slightly
Compared to last week, soybean conditions shifted slightly in the wrong direction. Twelve percent of soybeans are in poor or worse condition, compared to 11 percent last week. Percentages of soybeans in poor or very poor condition are especially high in Indiana (22 percent), Louisiana (21 percent), Missouri (22 percent) and Ohio (22 percent).

The USDA will begin reporting soybean harvest progress in next week’s report. Currently, 35 percent of soybeans have dropped their leaves.

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