Praxidyn Mixmate

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34488 Juniper Rd

Oakland, IA 51560

United States

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Praxidyn Mixmate


Mixmate is our first product. This product has been an idea wanted on our farm for many years. It has its roots in a seed tender that was built by Brent and Luke as an FFA project and exhibited at the Iowa State Fair.  We continue to support the FFA program at the Iowa State Fair through an Innovation Award and Scholarship.  We also support the local 4-H and STEM programs.  These programs have been very beneficial for our family and we greatly appreciate them.
You could say we put our ideas - theories - into practice. And these were not just ideas, they were powerful ideas that led to practical solutions we wanted on our farm. Engineering degrees and engineering jobs followed, but the farm and entrepreneurship were still a calling. It seemed natural to take what we have done for many years to a new level and our new manufacturing company, Praxidyn, was born.


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