Hagie NTB (Nitrogen Toolbar)

Hagie Manufacturing – Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB12 / NTB16) Hagie Mfg.’s 2014 high clearance Nitrogen Toolbar (NTB) attachment provides full season capability for precise and timely nitrogen applications. The NTB design allows the bar to float and follow the contour of the ground, making sure Nitrogen goes exactly where your crops need it, to protect your inputs, limit loss, boost yields & increase profitability. With 72” of ground clearance, this toolbar attaches to the STS 10, 12, 14 and 16 self propelled sprayers.

About Hagie Manufacturing Company

As a manufacturer of application solutions, our team is comprised of a team of experts whose passion comes from solving problems in the industry. We have a reputation for saying yes to our customers with unique needs and constantly trying new things in effort to provide the most innovative solutions for the evolving needs of the industry. Innovation is everywhere and you never know where the next great innovation will be generated from.

Past, present and future, Hagie Mfg. is committed to being the problem solvers in the industry.




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