Double Duty Pull Type

The GVM Double Duty spreader offers unique control systems and the widest, most accurate spreading pattern, regardless of speed and varying terrain. Its spinner design spreads fertilizer from 90 to 105 feet, allowing you to cover more acres annually; increasing your productivity while minimizing compaction and fuel consumption. GVM’s Double Duty spreader is available as a chassis mounted or pull type spreader. As a pull-type, the Double Duty is available with floatation tires for early season, and row crop tires for post emergence spreading in 111-120 inch rows. Use the 6.5 or 8 ton Double Duty to consistently and accurately spread fertilizer, gypsum, lime, and litter. To learn more about GVM, find your nearest dealer, or schedule a demo today, visit or call 800-458-5123.

About GVM Incorporated

GVM is a large manufacturer of agricultural application and snow equipment. We place a large emphasis on designing and building the most reliable, innovative, and versatile equipment on the market today. Our ultimate goal is to provide end users with the best available products in a constantly changing marketplace. We focus on speed, comfort, fuel efficiency, and mechanically friendly equipment. We continue our rich history with a commitment to be the industry’s leader in innovation and to develop equipment that makes sense for the farmer, custom application, dealer, government agency and airport.




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