Willmar® 16/24-Ton Side-Shooting Tenders

Product Description

Using the right tender can make all the difference to your bottom line when you’ve got a load of material to move. Willmar’s 24-ton side-shooting tender can be trailer mounted and move up to two tons of material a minute with a large-diameter, 10-inch auger that comes either 17 or 20 feet long. Six compartment hoppers can carry a variety of materials, with steep, 40-dgree, sloped sides for quick material dispensing. The 24-ton side-shooting tender holds an incredible struck capacity of 774 cu. ft. (885 cu. ft. heaped).

Product URL: http://www.applylikeapro.com/brands/Willmar/

Company Overview

Willmar has set the benchmark for nearly 50 years for high-quality dry fertilizer spreaders.

Manufacturer: AGCO-Willmar
Company Website: http://www.applylikeapro.com/brands/Willmar/
Company Phone Number: 800-843-5241
Contact Email: agcoanswers@agcocorp.com

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