Seed Handling And Storage

Tube Series (TS) Conveyors

USC’s Tube Series Conveyors combine the gentleness of the signature Seed Series with the traditional stability of a tube-style conveyor, creating the only conveyor designed with seed in mind. The TS2500 and TS3500 belts were designed without pinch points, protecting seed as it’s transported, while increasing capacities with the same belt width. USC’s industry-leading three-year belt warranty makes the TS Conveyor the premier choice for any operation!

LPV Seed Treater

The LPV Seed Treater has set a new standard boasting three configurable weighing methods for any-sized operation, a standard 42” tilting drum, and a more intuitive automation package. Nothing compares to its revolutionary design complete with adjustable chamber controls, a 17” wider frame and extra discharge space for tight spaces. The most trusted name in seed treating technology has created the most economical and innovative treater on the market.

The Ultimate in Seed and Fertilizer Handling

Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, the Quickveyor is one of the strongest trailers on the market. Its belt driven unloading conveyor has the fastest rate of delivery, delivering 2.8 tons per minute. The simple to use hydraulic controls make it a breeze to operate. With an empty weight of 10,200 pounds it has one of the largest payload capacities of 26.5 to 27 legal tons while boasting excellent ground clearance. Available options include: multiple compartments, Honda power unit, power traps, electric roll tarp with remote, air ride and vibrators.

Swing Auger

Meridian’s new swing hopper is the lowest AND longest available on the market, and wider than existing models. With a height of just under 10 inches, our modified hopper is ideal for use under low profile trailers, and offers ease of operation and ample clearance in all unload applications. In addition, the longer and wider design maximizes reach, increases handling capacities and reduces overflow and spillage. For easy and efficient grain handling, Meridian is the best choice.

Smooth Wall Storage Bins

Meridian’s SmoothWall bins are the ultimate storage bins, used to handle and store fertilizer, grain, feed and seed, and extend to coal, sand and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity. For those extremely corrosive products and environments like salt, Meridian offers a variety of powered chemistry options including zinc and epoxies to ensure years of trouble free storage. Meridian offers a SmoothWall bin for your entire on-farm needs or industrial needs.


Meridian’s conveyors deliver seed with unmatched versatility. Meridian’s transport conveyors are manufactured with heavy-duty, fully enclosed construction. Meridian’s crosscleated belt is designed to handle your product more gently and virtually eliminates cleat “vacuum” at the discharge end. Our spring-loaded stainless steel tension system positioned before the discharge keeps the cross-cleated belt running smooth and in place. Meridian has a conveyor for any application offering conveyors for transport, floor mount, under bin, or under car applications.

Aluminum Grain Trailers

Maurer Manufacturing offers a complete line of high quality aluminum grain trailers. Manufactured in Spencer, Iowa, Maurer aluminum grain trailers are designed for the grain harvester, by the grain harvester. Maurer aluminum grain trailers are single-wall constructed with an exterior designed for ease of pulling and engineered for durability while moving in and out of the field. Maurer grain trailer lengths range from 28 feet to 48 feet. Offered in both spring ride and air ride configurations, there are multiple options to customize each trailer for every grower’s individual needs.

Kinze 1500 Grain Cart

The Kinze 1500 Grain Cart is engineered for speed and reliability required of custom harvesters. Load up to 1,500 bushels and unload at speeds up to 750 bushels per minute! The dual-auger design ensures superior clean out. High-flotation 36-inch tracks get you in the field in tough field conditions. Plus, choose options like electronic scale, dual camera monitoring, joystick control and manual or electric roll tarps. And, it comes with the only two-year warranty in the industry.

X-tended Reach Grain Carts

Your best harvest is now within reach. J&M introduces its patented line of Xtended Reach grain carts, featuring a front-folding single auger that provides excellent visibility to the operator while maximizing outward, upward and forward reach. The patented Side-Shooter fl ow-control spout is turned perpendicular to the semi-trailer, offering up to 12 feet of auger side reach for a complete and easy fi ll every time. The three position upper auger design provides convenient field storage or compact road transport.

Demco 1400 Grain Cart

Demco offers a 1,400-bushel grain cart to provide unmatched efficiency and operator convenience. In addition to the large 1,400-bushel load capacity, the Demco 1400 grain cart has a 22” unload auger. Our Adjustable Auger Spout rotating 100 degrees gives the operator the ability to unload efficiently. The Pendant Grip Control gives the operator control of the three hydraulic functions—Adjustable Auger Spout, grain fl ow gate, and auger fold—at the tip of a thumb. This allows the operator’s eyes to be on the unload target, not on the controls.


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