Pumps And Nozzles

AIM Command PRO spray system

The AIM Command™ PRO spray system provides operators with improved spray accuracy across the field. This advanced spray technology builds on the features found on the AIM Command spray system, such as constant rate and pressure over a wide range of speeds. Now, operators have the advantage of turn compensation which adjusts the product flow rate across the boom to account for variances in boom speed during turns. At the same time, the system provides the capability of turning on and off nozzles one at a time.

FMCSC-205F-HYD Series Pump

The 205 Series hydraulic driven pump is ideal for larger sprayers and fertilizer applicators. The silicon carbide shaft seal resists abrasive chemicals and has an O-ring seal improving heat transfer and run dry survivability. New designs incorporate larger bearings for longer life and the large full port flanged connections provide high flow rates with minimum restriction. The high efficiency gear-type motors provide maximum performance with minimum oil flow. The separate motor and pump shafts allow for easy, independent service of both the motor and pump.

Dual Body Applications

Tips shut off faster with less run-on because Kwikstop bodies remove air trapped in booms. Also, it helps to alleviate auto rate controller problems and improve response time. Kwikstop is available in COMBO-RATE saddles and single, double and triple outlet bodies.

NGP-6055 PUMP / Close Couple Hydraulic Drive

CDS-John Blue Piston Pumps are built to last, engineered for performance. Only pumps that can pull product from your tanks plus application rates do not change due to temperature fluctuations. NGP’s are available with variable rate hydraulic drive kits or ground drive assemblies. Plus we offer a wide selection of adjustable rate models; apply two products at two different rates with just one pump.

AITTJ60 Air Induction Turbo Twinjet

The AITTJ60 Air Induction Turbo TwinJet® line of spray tips produces a dual spray pattern for improved coverage while employing air induction technology to produce larger, drift resistant droplets. This tip offers a wide operating range of 20-90 psi, features all-polymer construction and is offered in nine sizes from 02-15 capacity. The TwinJet® line also produces coarse to extremely coarse droplets and is ideal for application of drift sensitive, systemic products like glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

AppliMax Spray Nozzle Lights

Spraying when there is low, or no light lets you get more acres done and apply more effectively. The new AppliMax Spray Nozzle Lights’ high intensity LEDs illuminate the spray pattern from each nozzle so you can see it clearly from the cab. A patent pending strobe diagnostic feature “freezes” the spray to show pattern distortions due to blockage or wear.

D Series TurboDrop Nozzles

Greenleaf Technologies’ popular TurboDrop XL and TurboDrop DualFan are now available in a “D” series that provides a coarser droplet spectrum where drift control is the primary consideration. The TDXL-D and TADF-D will deliver droplets generally in the Very Coarse (VC) to Extremely Coarse (XC) range for maximum drift control. Both the single fan XL and the DualFan are available in all poly or semi-ceramic versions.

RoGator Direct Chemical Injection

RoGator® Direct Chemical Injection - Direct chemical injection is a key benefit available with RoGator RG900, RG1100 and RG1300 sprayer models. This optional system saves time and money by giving operators the flexibility to designate a specific tank for each chemical, thus eliminating mixing and cleaning when switching application products. Direct chemical injection is available with two pumps with 40-gallon tanks. Application range is 5 to 200 ounces per acre. For more information, visit www.applylikeapro.com.

Cleanload Chemical Eductor/3376 Series Cleanload

The new 3376 Series Cleanload™ chemical eduction system allows farmers to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly at ground level. The Cleanload extends the life of your transfer pumps by educting abrasive and corrosive chemicals downstream from the pump. Using the Cleanload further improves the quality of your tank mix by bringing the concentrate into a supersaturated stream that is then dispersed into the tank in a clean and easy process.


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