Pumps And Nozzles

Redball Shuttle ICP

The new ICP, Intermediate Container Platform, is a gravity-fl ow liquid transfer and measurement system compatible with IBCs and mini bulk containers with bottom drains. This system is a dependable, low maintenance and cost-effective tool for transferring chemicals with no pumps, meters or electricity needed. Optional attachments include an ICP Eductor and Bypass Kit and a Tank Rinse Kit, which rinses the IBC tank and 10-gallon measuring vessel.

Tip Wizard Digital Spray Tip Selector

Choosing the right spray tip just got a lot easier. Tip Wizard is an easy to use calculator, which takes your intended application and shows you which tips would work best for what you need. It optimizes your droplet size to be specific to your application, as well as gives crucial information as to how much drift or coverage you can expect with a tip. Tip Wizard is available online at wilger. net, with free smartphone app, or Wilger website USB.

Multi-Tip Applications

For any application that requires absolute coverage and calls for higher water volumes, splitting the flow with multiple tips changes the game. Using multiple tips caters to using coverage and droplet sizes specific to the application; using smaller droplet tips to provide excellent coverage in the upper canopy and large droplets for penetration to the lower canopy. The net result is better application, more suited to what you need your sprayer to do. The downloads section of our website has tools to help for selecting tips.

Flow View Ball Flow Indicators

Regardless of your application, Wilger’s flow indicators alert if there is a plugged or leaking line/tip for tips and lines you can’t see. For flow obstructions, the floating ball will drop; or for a burst or leaking line, that same ball will rise. Especially useful for when you won’t know about fl ow issues until it is too late.

AITTJ60 Air Induction Turbo TwinJet

The AITTJ60 Air Induction Turbo TwinJet line of spray tips produces a dual spray pattern for improved coverage while employing air induction technology to produce larger, drift-resistant droplets. This tip offers a wide operating range of 20 to 90 psi, features all-polymer construction and is offered in nine sizes from 02 to 15 capacity. The TwinJet line also produces coarse to extremely coarse droplets and is ideal for application of drift sensitive, systemic products like glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba.

SprayIT Mobile App: Hypro Spray Tip Selection Calculator for Apple and Android Devices

Spray with confidence using our newly revamped SprayIT mobile app. The new version of SprayIT takes your chemical information and provides a customized list of spray tip recommendations. Simply, select the chemical name or company from more than 400 chemicals, select “Size My Tip,” then let the app do the rest. To download the app on your Apple or Android device, type in “SprayIt” into your app store. The app supports both U.S. and metric units with multiple language capabilities.

ProStop-E, Electric Valve for Individual Nozzle Control

The Hypro ProStop-E provides instantaneous on/off control at the nozzle body for individual nozzle or small section control to support precision agriculture strategies. The ProStop-E is designed to eliminate misapplications and waste. The valve utilizes a robust, quarter-turn electric ball valve that is highly reliable and continuously uses an extremely low amount of power. The ProStop-E valve fits directly onto the Hypro ProFlo nozzle bodies.

Turbodrop Asymmetric Dualfan Nozzles

The TurboDrop Asymmetric DualFan provides a unique combination of drift control, penetration and coverage that make it the perfect nozzle for a wide variety of applications. The DualFan can be alternated on the boom to deliver four sprays to the target in one pass. At low pressure, droplets are generally coarse (C) to very coarse (VC); at higher pressure, the DualFan creates medium (M) droplets for excellent coverage with contact herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

CP Sprayer Turbo Nozzles

CP SPRAYER TURBO NOZZLES Sprayer Turbo Nozzles have six flat fan equivalent orifices and three poly deflector tips for droplet size control. Available in three volume versions, low orifices range from 1.5 to 6 gpm, standard ranges 3 to 10 gpm, and high ranges from 10 to 33 gpm. Dial in the fl ow with the orifice plate, dial in the droplet with the deflector tip wheel. Excellent drift control droplet sizes range from very fine to ultra coarse.

Combo & Floater Turbo Nozzles CP-59LS, CP59HV, CP-109LS, and CP109HV

The CP Turbo Floater & Combo nozzles have eight orifices to choose from with flood tip equivalent rates and three stainless steel tips for droplet size control. High volume version orifices range as low as 5 to as high as 60 with 12 GPM capacity at 40 psi. Low volume version orifices range as low as 2.5 to as high as 30 with a 10.5 GPM capacity at 40 psi. Dial in the fl ow with the orifice plate, change droplet size with tip wheel. This patented nozzle provides excellent drift control, droplet sizes from coarse to extremely coarse!


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