Precision Tools And Software

Field Profit Planner Dashboard

With GEOSYS Field Profit Planner, you can plan for the future using information from previous years. Agronomic decisions made during the last growing season can be evaluated against actual harvest results. Input costs are used to create profitability maps demonstrating the effectiveness of performance zone management and its impact to the bottom line. For comparisons that make for better planning decisions, GEOSYS Field Profit Planner provides instant access to more than a decade of historic field data.

NORAC UC4.5™ & UC5™ Precision Spray Height Control

NORAC offers two Spray Height Control systems that can be installed on most sprayer models. UC5™ is an ISOBUS system that can be operated through the NORAC PULSE™ display, or another virtual terminal. UC4.5™ comes complete with a stand alone control panel. These systems use ultrasonic sensors mounted on the left, right and center sections of the boom to monitor field terrain and make responsive boom height adjustments allowing more effective chemical use and stress free spraying for the operator.

SST Imagery Services

In conjunction with third-party imagery partners, SST Summit Professional users will soon be able to order imagery products on-demand. SST Imagery Services allows for the seamless ordering, acquisition, processing, and delivery of multispectral imagery products from within SST Summit Professional. Imagery products include 50 centimeter True Color, Color Infrared (CIR), and NDVI derived crop canopy.

AppliMax Spray Nozzle Lights

Features & Options: Spraying when there is low, or no light lets you get more acres done and apply more effectively. The new AppliMax Spray Nozzle Lights’ high intensity LEDs illuminate the spray pattern from each nozzle so you can see it clearly from the cab. A patent pending strobe diagnostic feature “freezes” the spray to show pattern distortions due to blockage or wear.

Liquid Blockage Monitor System

CDS-John Blue allows you to know your liquid application flow from the cab of your tractor. Our patent pending system shows you both low-flow and no-flow problems now, which means you can correct it immediately using magnetic sensing technology mounted behind the VisaGage II Flow Monitors. Only LBMS shows both low-flow and no-flow, plus the Premium System also displays high flow for broken lines. The LBMS iPad app is free and available from the Apple App Store.

OptRx crop sensors

Features & Options: Increase yield potential by applying the ideal amount of nitrogen to corn or wheat based on crop vigor. OptRx crop sensors emit light and sense crop vigor based on plant mass and reflectivity ratings. Using this information, the Integra display’s DirectCommand system can adjust side-dressed nitrogen rates in real time to match the crop needs and improve yield potential.


FarmRite allows service providers to process more acres and to produce cutting-edge information reports in less time and with less stress. Used in conjunction with Summit Professional, FarmRite is the ideal solution for input suppliers and agronomists who want to offer decision-support products alongside their consulting or application services. Using state-of-the-art servers, orders are processed quickly, data is stored securely, and decision support end-products are returned in a matter of minutes.

Wireless Data Transfer

Enables wireless transmission of data between the GreenStar™ 3 2630 display,, and the producer’s farm management information system. This system eliminates the need for manual data transfer. Available as a subscription upgrade to JDLink™ Ultimate with Remote Display Access. Wireless Data Transfer allows data to fl ow wirelessly to the customer’s personalized portal on

AppliMax Spray Nozzle Calibrator

Features & Options: Quickly and easily ensure your spray nozzles are applying the correct application rate and check nozzle wear. Just hold the Spray Nozzle Calibrator under an operating spray nozzle for approximately 30 seconds and the application rate and flow rate will be displayed. The Spray Nozzle Calibrator is very accurate, taking up to 3,500 measurements during each test. Nozzle readings can be stored and a Nozzle Comparator feature lets you compare individual nozzle output against the average for the sprayer to identify worn or restricted nozzles.

Mobile Weather

Mobile Weather uses a third-party weather sensor connected to the Application Controller 1120 to display real-time weather information, including wind speed and direction, Delta T, and temperature and relative humidity on the John Deere GreenStar 2 or GreenStar 3 displays. However, only the GreenStar 3 2630 Display is capable of documenting (recording) weather data, which can be transferred to Apex or other third party farm management software for analysis and record keeping.


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