Precision Tools And Software

Sackett Precision Fertilizer Blending Towers

Sackett PFB Towers feature the H.I.M. Mixer, the next generation of blending and coating technology, designed specifically for precision ag. Its unique design allows for rapid blending and equal distribution of advanced liquid and dry additives at very high speeds. The HIM mixes in less than 30 seconds, providing extremely high output and is the winner of the 2013 ARA/Ag Gateway Technology Contest.

Positioning X14

The X14 is Topcon’s newest precision farming in-cab display and offers entrylevel guidance with the look and feel of TPA’s larger, easy-to-use X30 touchscreen console. The 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen offers moving map visualization and an on-screen, software-based virtual lightbar. For low-cost guidance, the X14 can be paired with Topcon’s SGR-1 GNSS receiver featuring TruPass technology.

Sentry 6140

The Sentry 6140 is a stand-alone flow monitoring system that can detect abnormal liquid flow rates on your sprayer, planter or fertilizer toolbar. The system uses individual turbine flow meters at every nozzle body to very precisely measure and compare flow rates across the machine. Should a spray tip or fertilizer orifice become plugged, damaged or lost, the operator will be alerted immediately with an audible and visual alarm in the cab and LED indication at the nozzle body.

SST Summit Professional

SST Summit Professional is precision ag software utilized by industry leaders for the processing of raw farm data into valuable information reports. Summit Professional allows for the power of a desktop GIS with the benefits of cloud technologies for automated processing, data synchronization, telemetry, secure storage and product delivery. SST Summit is available on two levels. Summit Professional for service providers and Summit basic for field technicians, growers and farm managers.


Sirrus is the app that takes your precision ag program to the next level. Utilizing agX for its foundation, growers and service providers can use agX Connections to collaborate on field collection and data analysis. Sirrus currently includes boundary collection, soil sampling, management zones, weather, planting and inputs, crop scouting, imagery-based zones, recommendation editing, SDS labels, reports and more.


FarmRite allows service providers to process more acres and to produce cutting-edge information reports in less time and with less stress. Used in conjunction with Summit Professional, FarmRite is the ideal solution for input suppliers and agronomists who want to offer decision-support products alongside their consulting or application services. Using state-of-the-art servers, orders are processed quickly, data is stored securely, and decision support end-products are returned in a matter of minutes.

agX Platform

agX is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the agricultural industry that provides the necessary geospatial infrastructure for a community of integrated precision ag products and services. Users with agX accounts are able to access agX-compliant applications and services within the agX Store, then seamlessly share data with other agX Connections.

Watchdog Sprayer Station

Reduce pesticide drift complaints and monitor your current conditions on-the-go. Pesticide drift is increasingly important to commercial applicators. Now you can monitor wind speed and direction and data log weather conditions with the ultrasonic WatchDog Sprayer Station. Accurate data helps pesticide applicators make important decisions regarding weather conditions that affect safety, drift and proper pesticide application. User-controlled data logging of weather conditions provides evidence of suitable conditions for pesticide application.

Specconnect Wireless Agronomic Solution

Monitor soil moisture and soil EC in different soil textures for better irrigation decisions. Track degree days and rainfall in micro-climates. Monitor your fields from wherever you are with Spectrum’s WatchDog Retriever and Pups Wireless Network and SpecConnect Web Portal. Schedule field activities more effectively by knowing rain events and soil moisture conditions that can lead to yield-reducing soil compaction. View conditions remotely from your smartphone or iPad.

Viper 4 Field Computer

Streamlined data management is thanks to machine, user and product profiles and agX database pre-loaded. Fully customizable user interface, including landscape or portrait orientation. Viper 4 combined with Slingshot will revolutionize in-field applications and increase your operation’s efficiency and profitability.


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