Fertilizer Mixing And Blending

Blend and Bulk Tower Systems

Waconia Towers provide speed, efficiency and reliability that only gravity-fed systems can offer. Towers are available with up to 300 tons of overhead storage and discharge rates up to 300 tons per hour. Easy to use controls let you custom blend small batches just as easily as large ones. Design minimizes human contact with chemicals. All components are engineered for heavy seasonal demand and long-term durability. Scales are NTEP approved.

Declining Weigh Blending System

Ranco Declining Weigh (DW) is the standard in fertilizer blending because of the speed and accuracy of the blending process. Their blending bins and support framework are constructed of stainless steel and mounted on four stainless steel load cells, combined with a digital panel and DW computer technology to control product output. This technology senses and checks the output for any necessary adjustments while continuing to dispense the product at a constant rate.

Ranco Bucket Elevators

Ranco Bucket Elevators are built to last, with thousands of bucket elevators in operation around the world. Quality 304 stainless steel construction and 4’ tall trunk sections provide superior strength and stability with added reinforcing from angle flanges every four foot. Our boot section utilizes heavy-duty pillow block bearings and self-cleaning boot rollers, plus removable side panels allow for easy maintenance of the entire boot roller assembly. Capacities range from 70 TPH to 800 TPH.

Fertilizer Conveying Systems

Waconia Manufacturing routinely designs receiving systems for volume requirements from 60 to 1,500 TPH. All receiving systems are fabricated with heavy-gauge stainless steel and use the most reliable components available in the industry. Designs include in-ground and above-ground systems for trucks, rail cars, barges and vessels. Conveyor styles include drag, portable, bucket elevators and belt. All systems are designed for superior performance and heavy seasonal demands.

Vertical Floor Blenders

Waconia floor blenders provide a quality blend fast, year-after-year. Blenders are mounted on (4) load cells that provide accuracy and reliability. The system is NTEP approved. Standard features include: 12 gauge, 304 SST drum and hopper with solid-seam welds inside and out; 6” I-beam frame and 6” x 6” SST legs; heavy-duty double reduction gearbox with tapered bushing for easy removal. Models from 6- to 16-tons are available.

Ports and River Receiving Systems

Material handling equipment for deep-water seaports and river terminals requires special design and construction to optimize speed, reliability and ensure environmental compliance. Waconia Manufacturing has helped facilities throughout the world design their terminals. Systems can include barge-unloading hoppers, lump breakers, conveying systems, screening systems, dust control and more. Capacities up to 1,500+ TPH.

LAYCOTE™ Automated Coating System

The New LAYCOTE™ Automated Coating System provides coating accuracy for stand-alone coating systems and for coatings (impregnating) in automated blending systems. The unique metering and mixing chamber provides accurate results as the Layco PLC (computer) monitors the flow of the product and the flow of the liquid or powder during the coating process. The system integrates easily into the Declining Weight Blend System or can be used as a separate coating system to provide fast efficient coating for bulk storage or bagging systems.

Direct Drive Rotary Blender

The Doyle 8, 10, 13, & 16 ton Direct Drive Rotary Blender’s are the industry’s fastest rotary blenders. These units make quick work of the new, larger capacity tenders and trailer tenders being used today. Using fewer drive assembly parts, the direct drive system has a planetary gearbox, coupled to a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor. These units have drums and stainless blender frames made of 304 stainless steel. The blender drumsand all flighting are 100% welded on both sides. Pictured is the 16 ton Direct Drive.

Speed King Honeycomb BeltVeyors

CrustBuster/SPEED KING Inc. has a full line up of Honeycomb style BeltVeyors that offer high capacity, greater discharge height with gentle material handling. A 16” Honeycomb belt in a 10” 14 gauge steel tube. Electric, hydraulic or PTO drives. Available in lengths ranging from 20’ to 70’. Each unit discharges up to a 40º angle. The patent pending Honeycomb belt design is also available in Speed King’s InPlant belt conveyors.

Sackett Loss-In-Weight Blend Systems

Sackett offers superior technology and solutions for blending systems. Sackett LIW systems are built for flexibility, high tonnage, precision, and reliability. It includes heavy duty stainless steel hoppers and structure, and features the original Sackett Mesh Chain Feeder for gentle handling of material and accurate dosing. Sackett’s superior coating system is available for correctly adding liquids or nutrient stabilizers. Additional hoppers for Micronutrients or Wolftrax® powdered micronutrients,and the system operates at instantaneous speeds up to 300tph.


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