Facilities And Storage (including Tanks)

Retail Fertilizer Plants

Waconia Manufacturing builds fertilizer equipment that’s fast, efficient and affordable. Designs can be customized to accommodate almost any need you might have. Plant size is generally between 5,000 and 20,000 tons. Design features self-regulating rail and/or truck receiving systems with capacities from 150 to 400 TPH. Plants can be equipped with vertical or rotary floor blenders with loadout systems or tower blenders. Blend throughputs range from 25 to 200 TPH. Scales are NETP approved. Computer automation is available on all systems.

Ports and River Receiving Systems

Material handling equipment for deep-water seaports and river terminals requires special design and construction to optimize speed, reliability and ensure environmental compliance. Waconia Manufacturing has helped facilities throughout the world design their terminals. Systems can include barge-unloading hoppers, lump breakers, conveying systems, screening systems, dust control and more. Capacities up to 1,500+ TPH.

Large Hub-style Fertilizer Plants

Waconia Manufacturing builds fertilizer equipment for hub plants that provides high-volume receiving, blending and throughput; plus up to 600 tons of overhead storage. Receiving capacities range from 400 TPH to more than 1,500 TPH. All features for unloading unit trains and trucks are included. Blend and bulk towers are each available with up to 300 tons of overhead storage in your choice of four to 14 separate compartments. Scales are NTEP approved.

Storage and Workshop Buildings

For more than 110 years, Morton Buildings has provided quality and superior service to people looking for an attractive, long-lasting building. Our personalized approach to construction allows you to choose the style and floor plan that best fits your needs now, while allowing for growth in the future. Regardless of what you will be using your building for, what size you envision or your personal style, Morton Buildings can construct a post-frame building to meet your needs, style and budget.


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