The three 2011 Consultant of the Year awards presented by the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants during the alliance’s annual meeting in Reno, Nev., went to Doug Lenz, Centrol, Inc., Buxton, N.D.; Dave Green, Servi-Tech, Inc., Haxtun, Colo.; and D. Kent Davis, Crop Quest, Inc., Johnstown, Colo.

The annual award, sponsored by BASF, “recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and creativity of the consultant.” Additionally, the award is recognition for “consultants, who for their clients, accomplish the highest stewardship through environmental responsibility and actions that benefit their community,” as explained by the award nomination form.

Doug Lentz

Three Honored as Top ConsultantsLentz consults a variety of crops in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota, with wheat only a slightly larger acreage consulted than dry beans. Other large acreage consulting is on soybeans, sugarbeets and corn; sunflower acres are the smallest by far. The crop acreage for 2011 totaled about 44,000 acres.

Lenz has been a crop consultant for 25 years providing full-service agronomic consulting. Besides general agronomic crop consulting, he is known to specialize in precision agriculture and computer technology.

Lenz has a record of retaining nearly 100 percent of his clients from year to year, and he keeps advancing the production of crops by incorporating precision agriculture technology into making recommendations. In fact, Centrol recognizes him as a leader in precision ag and leans on him as a valuable resource. Lenz makes presentations about precision ag internally and to farm audiences.

Dave Green

Green has been a crop consultant for 32 years and has advanced to managing 26 full-time crop consultants in Servi-Tech territory of northwest Kansas, northeast Colorado and southwest Nebraska. Total acres consulted by the team is about 350,000.

His consulting knowledge spans a wide variety of crops and services for clients. His ability to oversee such a large group of consultants in a somewhat diverse area comes from experience with irrigated corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, sugarbeets and alfalfa; consulting similar crops in non-irrigated situations; soil fertility knowledge; and overall irrigation management.

Three Honored as Top ConsultantsGreen moved from consulting more than 20,000 acres of his own Servi-Tech clients and providing company expertise to managing the group of 26 consultants approximately two years ago. Green’s peers recognize his expertise in irrigation management, precision agriculture, crop knowledge of the High Plains and client relations. He is known for consulting with a purpose to “make the planet more productive.”

Kent Davis

Davis also is a long-time crop consultant having been in the business 33 years. He is a full-service agronomic consultant, which includes soil/crop fertility recommendations, grid sampling and yield mapping, IPM scouting and recommendations, water and irrigation management, crop and variety planting recommendations and precision ag data interpretation.

Davis mainly consults in Colorado, but he also serves clients in parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. The biggest crop acreage consulted is corn for grain and silage with small grains of wheat and malt barley as second in acreage. Those crop acres are followed by sugarbeets, dry beans, cucurbits, onions and peppers.

He manages four other consulting agronomists within a division of Crop Quest that stretches from the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains to the eastern border of northern Colorado, but he also manages about 70 ag clients of his own that operate approximately34,000 acres. Davis prides himself on working closely with Colorado State University Extension and the university teaching staff as well as agricultural supplier representatives to keep up with the latest technology and information.