There are very few completely new active ingredient crop protection products available any year, but the common practice has become that new crop protection products with the same active ingredient are available from multiple companies.

It was common a few years ago that a research and discovery company separate from a major multinational would license manufacturing and/or distribution of a new active ingredient with one company in the U.S. Now, more than one company is commonly being licensed to have access to a new active ingredient—even for use in the same crop.

The best example of this is three herbicides with the same new active ingredient pyroxasulfone as the sole or component active ingredient being marketed by three different companies—BASF, FMC and Valent. Companies also are contract sharing chemistries such as Arysta LifeScience and Cheminova with a new fungicide.

Additionally, major multinational or foreign companies either license or sell generic/off-patent chemistry to companies that specialize in selling these type of products.

A short explanation of new products focused specifically on commodity crops—corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and rice—is provided here. The new products listed are those submitted by crop chemical companies following e-mail and/or telephone contact with the crop protection companies doing business in the U.S.

We requested only new products that contain an active ingredient not previously sold by the company; this eliminates combinations of actives previously sold by a company but in changed formulations. If a generic active ingredient distributor/manufacturer has not previously sold a specific active, then their new product is included here.


Fortix Fungicide, including fluoxastrobin from Arysta and flutriofol from Cheminova, is being jointly marketed. Registration for soybeans has been obtained to control numerous diseases, including frogeye leaf spot, brown spot and powdery mildew among others. Its registration for use on corn is pending for the 2013 crop season. The companies contend the fluoxastrobin provides “the fastest-acting strobiourin” and the flutriofil adds “the longest-lasting triazole.” Ground or aerial application can provide flexibility and “full-season fungicide benefits”


Fasta Insecticide contains alpha-cypermethrin new to the company’s portfolio. It is anticipated to be labeled for 2013 to be used in all the major commodity crops although soybeans and cotton are the first focus. The broad spectrum of pests that can be targeted by the product includes aphids, beetles, armyworms and stink bugs.

Zidua Herbicide is the only solo pyroxasulfone on the market with label use on corn and anticipated registration for use on soybeans and wheat in early 2013. Zidua provides long residual control of small seeded broadleaves and grasses resistant to other modes of action herbicides. It is a low-use-rate herbicide that fits well into a tank-mix-use scenario and can be used from fall through early preplant to early postemergence.


Transform WB Insecticide contains sulfoxaflor. It is anticipated to be registered for soybean and cotton use in 2013. This insecticide will give control of lygus in cotton and aphids in both crops. Transform’s active ingredient is the first molecule to be developed within a new class of chemistry—the sulfoximines—which makes it an important resistance management tool.


Aproach Fungicide has the active ingredient of picoxystrobin and is labeled for 2013 use in corn, soybeans and wheat production. The application timing is R2-R3 for soybeans; VT to R1 for corn and the tillering through the heading stage for wheat. It is a broad-spectrum fungicide with preventive and curative control of foliar and soil-borne diseases.

Instigate Herbicide with its rimsulfuron and mesotrione actives will be in its first full season of use in corn. It is recommended for use preplant through early postemergence (V2). Instigate gives growers in the northern and eastern Corn Belt both burndown and residual control of broadleaf and grass weeds. It can be a partner herbicide with most “standard preemergence corn herbicide products” for tank mixing.


Anthem Herbicide combines the new active of pyroxasulfone with fluthiacet methyl. It recently received registration for use in corn preplant, preemergence or early postemergence. Anthem has demonstrated preemergence activity and long-lasting residual control of key grasses and broadleaf weeds and further demonstrated post contact activity on weeds such as velvetleaf, lambsquarter, waterhemp, pigweed and other Amaranthus species.

Anthem ATZ Herbicide adds atrazine to the actives of Anthem with the atrazine added for even more residual control on broadleaf weeds and grasses pre and post. The use rate of Anthem ATZ varies by soil type and organic matter levels.

Marvel Herbicide is a combination of fluthiacet methyl and fomasafen, which is anticipated to be registered in 2013 for postemergence use on soybeans. Weeds targeted include waterhemp, Palmer pigweed, lambsquarters, morningglory and velevetleaf.


Consensus Seed Treatment with salicylic acid—newly registered as a seed treatment—and two other plant growth regulators is to be used by commercial/dealer applicators on soybean, wheat, cotton and rice seed. Consensus is being promoted as a good companion seed treatment with other seed treatment products such as rhozobia inoculants. “Consensus is formulated for the activation of oligosaccharides, vitamins and natural plant growth hormones resulting in stronger, healthier and more uniform seedlings.”


Acceleron Seed Treatment with Acceleron DX-612 (fluxapyroxad) is new to the company’s seed treatment line for 2013 to use on soybean and cotton seed. The newest seed treatment in the Acceleron line provides multiple modes of action, including the new generation fungicide, for “unprecedented defense against rhizoctonia and fusarium diseases.”


Bumper ES Fungicide contains propiconazole and is labeled for corn and soybean use. It controls corn diseases of leaf blights, rusts, gray leaf spot and eye spot. In soybeans it controls brown spot, frogeye leaf spot, aerial web blight, Asian soybean rust and anthracnose.

Paradigm Insecticide with lambda-cyhalothrin can be used in soybean, corn, rice and sorghum crops. It provides broad spectrum control of “primary and secondary insects” with a VC formulation that reduces odor and improves handling because of “less skin irritation than EC formulations” and qualifies for a caution rather than warning signal word.

Rumble Herbicide has fomesafen to be used in soybean production preemergence and postemegence with residual to control both glyphosate- and ALS-resistant weeds such as waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and common ragweed.

Skyraider Insecticide/Miticide has the combination of bifenthrin and imidacloprid for use in soybeans. It has the “correct formulated ratio” of the two active ingredients for longer residual and quicker knockdown of a broad list of pests in multiple uses.

Torment Herbicide with fomesafen and imazethapry gives pre- and post-emergence control of 65 species of grass and broadleaf weeds in soybeans, including those resistant to glyphosate and HPPD/triazine inhibitors.

Vise Herbicide has fomesafen but also has metolachlor for use in soybeans for pre-emergence residual grass and broadleaf weed control, again including those resistant to glyphosate and ALS herbicides.

Vulcan Insecticide for corn and soybean use has a reduced-odor chlorpyrifos active ingredient formulation that allows the label signal word to be caution. It provides quick knockdown and residual control when used in specific situations pre-pant, at-plant, pre-emergence or postemergence.


Cruiser Maxx Beans and Avicta Complete Beans both applied with Vibrance are new for soybean seed treating in 2013. The products provide at least three active ingredients from thiamethoxam, mefenoxam, fludioxonil and sedaxane active ingredient fungicides. The sedaxane is in theVibrance to help produce robust rooting and protect the beans from environmental stresses.


Fierce Herbicide contains new pyroxasulfone and flumioxazin (the active in Valor). It is approved for no-till and reduced till corn production. “Fierce was developed for growers who desire a premium preemerge herbicide in a two-pass Roundup Ready corn system.” Fierce provides wide-spectrum long-lasting preemerge control of “the toughest weeds and grasses.” 


Willowood Paraquat 3SL Herbicide is a new paraquat dichloride product from the company with uses outlined for all the major commodity crops and a variety of other crops. It is a non-selective contact herbicide used for the control of various grass and broadleaf weeds.