Blaine Viator
Blaine Viator

NAICC leaders are making final preparations for our annual meeting to be held in Jacksonville, Fla., in late January. The program has come together and once again offers up many quality speakers focusing on current and timely hot topics of production agriculture. And as consistent with our past meetings, there will be considerable roundtable and open forum discussions to hear experiences and ideas from meeting attendees.


Prior to the start of the annual meeting, we will have a workshop developed by our Focus on Precision team covering intense precision ag software demonstrations from several companies. During the annual meeting program, topics presented will include yield data and remote sensing imagery analysis, as well as true stories (successful or not) of implementation of precision ag technologies. Our contract researchers also have topics regarding integration of auto-steer technologies into research plot management and using cloud-based apps designed for agriculture.

There will be also be a good balance of topics regarding fertility issues, such as current trends in tissue analysis, soil fertility dynamics and foliar fertilizer usage. Another session on the program is devoted to pest resistance management. Scattered through the programming is an NAICC favorite – the Portraits of a Consultant. In each of these sessions, a crop consultant gives us an in-depth look of his/her own consulting business and the crops they work in. And, of course, the networking amongst our highly qualified members is an invaluable part of attending the annual NAICC meeting.


We are also very excited about our first ever NAICC meeting app that will be available in Jacksonville. NAICC member and NAICC President-Elect Gary Coukell has been working diligently on the meeting app. It will be completely cross-platform so no one will be left out of the experience. The free app will allow meeting attendees to view conference center maps, program and speaker information, meeting announcements, interactive audience participation during sessions, social media networking and more.

So come join us in Jacksonville and experience a true networking experience with an alliance of talented ag professionals. Meeting information and registration can be found here. You can also download the meeting app as it is being built prior to attending. I hope to see you there!