Do you and your team wake up to a purpose, or an alarm clock? Many of the greatest leaders and organizations of this world create a fervor within themselves that is so intense that it is contagious, inspirational and life changing in those with whom these influencers work and live.

What makes these great influencers so powerful is their driving purpose.

A driving purpose is often present in the most vibrant of non-profits. It’s a driving purpose that empowers many of the most successful businesses. But the untapped potential for businesses in general, the potential for much accelerated growth, the potential for a cadre of businesses to actually buoy the economy is there—if only they identify and carry out their driving purpose.

Great and successful businesses provide for things as varied as social needs and reform to positive spiritual influences. Business not only aids in formal education but even the character development in the employees whom they serve. Although business often invests financial, human and physical resources toward good causes, the greatest of businesses provide something even more powerful—a higher purpose.

Many of the greatest businesses had a driving purpose that was aimed at helping not just the investors and customers, but society as a whole. Immediately, I’m sure you can think of a few businesses that do what they do, not for the money, but for a greater good. How do you feel about those types of businesses and leaders? Is that how your customers and others feel about you? If not, why not?

Do you ever think, “Things will get better for our business when the economy improves?” or “We could be so much more successful if we didn’t have so much needless government intervention in our industry.” If you even once think about “how much better we could/will do if…” then you have needlessly surrendered your power and influence.

The men and women who are driven by a higher purpose do not have obstacles that stop them, for they are unstoppable. They will succeed or “die” trying. That is a key phrase to remember, as many who are called by a higher purpose know that they work for a purpose that is worth dying for, whether that is likely or not.

It’s been proven time and again that in war and literal fights to the death, that when an opponent is willing to die for their purpose, they are nearly unstoppable by an opponent who is not willing to die for his purpose. The same goes for a business with a driving purpose that competes with a business that is relatively equal but lacks a driving purpose.

When a business realizes and executes its higher purpose, external forces like the economy, become relatively powerless.

The problem is that business leaders submit their thoughts to the victim mentality that is quite similar to a mentality of individuals who they quickly judge as self-determined losers. This plank in their eye is quite large but often unnoticed.

This potential kinetic power of business in a community or nation is grossly underappreciated. If your purpose isn’t clearly defined and communicated, you are sitting on an opportunity. Think, refine and then communicate your business’ higher purpose to all of your stakeholders and see how those meant to be there will bloom, and those who are a drag will naturally be transformed or transferred out.

American business leaders are sitting on an endless goldmine of wealth creation potential that is only limited by their own thought, not exterior constraints.

Define and declare your higher purpose and watch your business and people grow.