The Agricultural Retailers Association’s (ARA) Fertilizer Contract Task Force has developed a Fertilizer Trade Rules document that is now available to download on the ARA website. The Trade Rules were developed for members of the fertilizer industry to use as the basis for their trading terms with others. The purpose of these voluntary rules is to facilitate the sale of fertilizer and improve trade practices in the industry. The Trade Rules were also reviewed and approved by ARA’s Board of Directors earlier this year.

In 2009, ARA’s Fertilizer Contract Task Force developed a model fertilizer contract to be used on a voluntary basis by agricultural retailers and fertilizer suppliers. This tool is also available on the ARA website and has already been used by many companies in the fertilizer industry.

The new Fertilizer Trade Rules are now reflected in the model fertilizer contract. “We are pleased to be able to provide this new tool for our members in the fertilizer industry to help improve trade practices,” said Richard Gupton, ARA senior vice president of public policy and counsel. 

The ARA Fertilizer Contract Task Force is primarily comprised of agricultural retailers (independents, cooperatives and national operations) and distributors, but also includes representatives from the manufacturer segment. ARA decided to form the task force to develop the model contract and trade rules after a period of extreme volatility with fertilizer prices and supplies.