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Requirements for Roundup Ready Xtend

Michelle Vigna, launch manager for the Roundup Ready Xtend crop system from Monsanto, discusses the requirements that will need to be followed when using Monsanto’s new new trait and herbicide system.    
Introduction of Roundup Ready Xtend crop system
WormWarrior Tour educates FFA students
Worries about buffer zone product labeling

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Precision Agriculture Growth Points

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Precision Ag News

WinField introduces Answer Tech and Data Silo
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Buyers Guide

Direct Drive Rotary Blend Systems
Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Co.

Doyle Equipment Manufacturing prides themselves as being “The King of the Rotary’s” with their Direct Drive Rotary Blend Systems. With numerous setup possibilities and sizes, ranging from a 5-ton to a 16-ton direct drives, they build it all! Featured is their 13-ton Direct Drive Blender that makes quick work of larger capacity Tenders and Trailer Tenders. If 13-ton batches are right for you, be sure to check out their website or call toll free today at 800-788-8085.

A.J. Sackett Blend Towers
A.J. Sackett Sons & Company

Sackett Blend Towers feature the H.I.M, High Intensity Mixer, the next generation of blending and coating technology which supports Precision Fertilizer Blending®. Its unique design allows for rapid blending and equal distribution of advanced liquid and dry additives. Counter rotating mixing shafts create a “fluidized zone,” which is ideal for blending and coating modern crop nutrients. It blends 3 ton batches in less than 30 seconds providing extremely high output and is winner of the 2013 ARA/Ag Gateway Technology Contest.

R&R Minuteman Blend System
R&R Manufacturing Inc.

The R&R Minuteman Blend System is the original proven performer. Fast, precise blending with a compact foot print. Significantly lower horsepower requirement. Low inload height with large hopper for ease of filling. Direct drive eliminates need for belts, sheaves and bushings. Blender starts under load and blend partial loads. Center auger tube for better blending. Single load cell with digital readout is standard. Variety of stainless steel options available. Comes in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 ton sizes.

Junge Control
Junge Control Inc.

Junge Control Inc. creates state-of-the-art product blending and measuring solutions that allow you to totally maximize operating efficiency with amazing accuracy and repeatability, superior reliability and accountability and increased speed, with complete confidence in your production process. The JungeWay system is fast, accurate and simple technology the Ag Retailers ask for when they want the right mix every time. Junge Control offers control systems for liquid and dry facilities with and without 24/7 self-service load outs with every load accurate since 1979.

Layco Declining Weight Blend System
Yargus Manufacturing

The flagship blending system for the Layco product line is the fully automated Layco DW System™. The advanced technology of the Layco DW (Declining Weight) system results in a blending system that is one of the most accurate and fastest available today. Through its research and engineering group, Yargus Manufacturing developed the proprietary Layco Rotary Valve as well as a new highly flexible metering system called the Layco Flat Wire Chain. The Layco Flat Wire Chain meter is capable of a wide range of metered rates including rates up to 4 Tons per minute with a dual chute Layco Hopper.

LAYCOTE Automated Coating System
Yargus Manufacturing

The LAYCOTE™ Automated Coating System provides a new level of coating accuracy for a stand-alone coating system or for coating (impregnating) in an automated blending system. The unique metering and mixing chamber provides accurate results as the Layco PLC (computer) monitors the flow of the product as well as the flow of the liquid or powder during the coating process.

DN345 Drawn Dry Spreader
John Deere

The DN345 Drawn Dry Spreader can carry more than 12 tons of fertilizer and 17.5 tons of lime. Designed to operate at field speeds up to 20 MPH with full loads and the G4 spreader uniformly broadcasts fertilizer at 90-ft. widths and lime at 60-ft. width. It features four high-floatation tires on a tandem axle walking beam suspension for less field compaction. Available with a MultApplier insert to spread two materials simultaneously and SpreadStar software for system control with the GreenStar 2 display.

Pro-Force Multi-Bin Spreader Trailer
Force Unlimited

The Pro-Force is a multi-purpose spreader with a wider apron and steeper sides. Our Pro-Force has the most aggressive 30” spinner on the market, and is capable of spreading higher rates of lime, fertilizer, litter and other hard to manage materials. The multi-bin spreader accurately spreads Side Dress, Dry Nitrogen, Gypsum, Soybeans and Cover Crops. FORCE Unlimited manufactures the only spreader trailer on the market, capable of spreading 1 to 4 products, with independent variable rate control in one pass.

MagnaSpread 2 & MagnaSpread 3
BBI Spreaders

MagnaSpread 2 & MagnaSpread 3 — With BBI’s patented multi-bin technology, these spreaders operate multiple hoppers guided by independent, variable-rate technology. These models are built on the heritage platform that established BBI as the leader in cost-in-use for fertilizing, features on-the-fl y nutrient mixing that optimizes precision, drastically cuts waste, and limits time spent in the field. Standard equipped with the company’s proprietary Binary Manifold for easy connection to precision agriculture technology, MagnaSpread 2 arrives with the new Task Command System from BBI Electronics as a stock component.

13-Ton Rotary Direct Drive Blender
Adams Fertilizer Equipment

Features & Options: Adams’ newest addition to the handling equipment line is the new 13-ton Rotary Direct Drive blender, which comes with a newer style weigh hopper that is fitted with a 36-inch conveyor. The 13-ton rotary blender is fitted with an internal two direction center auger, which increases the blend time as well as dramatically increases the discharge rate.

Ag Leader

AgFiniti, Ag Leader’s NEW cloud-based platform, allows you to send and receive data files wirelessly from the cab. Guidance lines, prescriptions, as-applied maps and other data files can be sent and received wirelessly and backed up on a secure AgFiniti account. Files also can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet in the field or at the office and shared with trusted advisors such as dealers, coops or farm managers.


Of the following precision ag technologies, which are farmers adopting the quickest?

A) Field and farm data compilation programs


C) Variable rate fertilizing

D) Variable rate/precision planting

E) Remote sensing—satellite, aerial, UAV

F) Other


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Grain Storage Systems

Behlen Grain Storage Systems offers large capacity bins with diameters from 16’ to 157’ and capacities exceeding 1,500,000 bushels. All ... Read More

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